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Posted by: Zero Oct 22 2016, 05:20 PM


General Questions

How do I use Jcink’s sub-accounts?
  • Register your out-of-character alias first; your alias should match the one you use in the Cbox to avoid confusion.
  • Once you’ve registered your OOC account, log out and register your in-character account.
  • Log out of your IC Account and log back into your OOC Account.
  • Go to My Controls on the userlink bar at the top of the site.
  • Under Personal Profile, go to Edit Sub-Accounts on the left-hand sidebar.
  • Enter the username and password of the in-character account you created and press submit.
  • You’re done! Sub-accounts allow you to post from any of your IC accounts from your OOC (Parent) account; if you accidentally post as the wrong account you can edit your post and change the account to the correct account.

How do I use the Cbox?
  • To register your account enter your name then press the symbol aligned with the name box to the far right; enter a password to register your name and press okay.
  • To upload an avatar to the cbox, press on the symbol and click on change picture.
  • Press enter to submit your message. To create a new break line, hold shift while pressing enter.

What’s a posting/plotter/shipper/etc template?
Templates are doHTML and BBCoded templates that you can insert your RP posts, wanted ads, thread trackers and shippers into to make them more aesthetically pleasing and organised. Some templates are even designed to look like diary pages, web pages, instant messengers, emails, etc!
They’re not a necessity but members are more than welcome to use them!

We only ask members to be considerate when using posting templates, using a font size (11px or larger) and font family is easy to read. We highly discourage hover or scroll templates (where the reader has to hover their mouse over an image to read the test or the text is contained in a small space that it requires scrolling).
Many people use mobile devices now to read replies, which hover and scroll post templates can turn into a complicated matter.

What’s a Plotter/Shipper?
A plotter is a description of what sort of plotlines, relationships and development you’re looking for your character (or what you’re not looking for);
It can be as vague or detailed as you want; there are many templates online from sources such as Back to Neverland and Below the Sun.

I’ve lost my password to the Cbox!
Unfortunately we can’t reset Cbox passwords, but if you pop a message to a member of staff to say you can’t access your Cbox account, we’ll be happy to delete the account so you can re-apply.

Why can’t I attach more than one sub-account?
If you’re a fresh applicant then you’ll only be able to attach one account when you first join up – when we accept your first character, we change your OOC Account to the correct usergroup from an applicant account.
Once your OOC Account is set to the correct usergroup following your first characters acceptance, you’ll be able to add more sub-accounts – this is to encourage members to make their OOC Account first as stated in our rules!

Do I need to have played any of the games to join?
Of course not! We welcome everyone - we have tried to provide a basic lore guide to the Zelda universe and our variation that the RP takes place in. I'd recommend checking out the Zelda Wiki and looking at some Let's Plays on YouTube to familiarise yourself with the series a bit more though.
Otherwise, we'll try our best to answer any questions you may have and help you fit in. :)

Character Questions

Can I play the Hero of Time?
The short answer is no.
Because the Hero (or Heroine) of Time is a role that is highly focused on and sought, we feel it would be unfair to the rest of the characters to solely focus on one hero.
Tales of Hyrule gives everyone a chance to be a hero/heroine (or a villain, if you'd rather go down that route!)

If Zoras/Gorons/Rito/etc are more human, would there be hybrids?
At the current time there are only Hylian/Sheikah/Gerudo hybrids roaming through Hyrule since the country seperated - however, if a Zora and Goron wished to have a child together, it would be possible due to their more human genetics.
Hybrid characters/children would typically have a "dominant gene"; for example, the child will take on the physical traits of their Goron father, will retaining some Zora features such as the ability to breath underwater and sustain colder temperatures.

How many characters can I have?
Members are free to make as many characters they are comfortable with, be they one or one-hundred.
We do ask that members with many characters try to be active with characters involved in major plot lines, event threads and group threads as not to slow the rhythm of posts down.

Can my creature character have a human form?
We understand play-bys for certain creature characters may be hard to come by, or maybe you just want to play a personified/gjinkafied version of a monster or creature from the Zelda universe.
They would have to be born as a creature and still maintain qualities/features of their respective race, but humanised/gijinka/personified versions of these characters are more than welcome here.

Can I play my persona/self-insert?
We welcome and adore personas/self-inserts, though we strongly advise playing them at your own discretion; please be mindful of the OOC=/=IC lines.

Can I draw my own play-bys?
By all means, members are welcome to draw their own play-bys.

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