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Hello! I am your resident admin and edge lord extraordinare. I'm fairly laid back?
I play a lot of characters that were built up after a decade of roleplay; I swear I'm not a compulsive character creationist and I do (try) to put a lot of thought and care into each character I play.
I like to dabble in trying out different characters, I'm a sucker for romantic or angsty plots, and I really enjoy horror and grimdark, but I'm generally open to most plots.

RP Preferences:

I prefer short, sweet posts; if you're free around the same time I am, I'll be more than happy to rapid fire.

I don't mind longer posts though - just don't expect me to match anything 500+. I'll always try to give my partner something to work with.
I'm not overly fussy about plots - I am wary about writing battles without some proper planning and knowing my thread partner for a while though; if you're new to the scene and you want our characters to fight, you'll have to forgive me until I've gotten to know you!

I enjoy romance, so don't be afraid to approach me about shipping. I don't mind grimdark either as long as there's some forewarning, planning and it doesn't cross my limits. Anything else, don't be nervous to ask! I promise I don't bite =)

RP Limits:

  • Animal Abuse. Warn me beforehand, especially if it's going to descend into gratuitous detail.
  • Smut. I will fade-to-black when it comes to the bedroom tango.
  • Sexual Harassment. I'm fine with your characters coming on to mine, but don't be surprised if yours get punched in the teeth for groping their ass or something.
  • Otherwise, as long as it doesn't break Jcink's ToS then I am perfectly fine and chill with whatever.


Hero's Spirit

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