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Posted by: Big Boss Mido Oct 20 2016, 06:48 PM



Members must be 13 years or older to join.
We are an account per character roleplay and make use of Jcink's sub-account feature; register your out-of-character alias first - this should match your username in the Cbox to avoid confusion. We will PM important messages to your OOC Account.

Register your character accounts with their first and last name using proper capitalisation.


This should be fairly straight forward but respect each other.
Our site is all inclusive; we have zero tolerance towards bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, harassment, stalking, bullying, creepy behaviour, etc. towards any one individual; and this stretches to connected media like instant messengers.

If any issues arise, we expect to be notified right away.
We take this very seriously and won't hesitate to ban someone immediately for any form of disrespectful behaviour.

Play-Bys & Graphics

Graphics must comply with a PG-13 rating - no excessive blood/gore/gratuitous nudity/explicit sex/etc.

Play-bys are permitted though not necessary - we will deny applications that use real life play-bys. Members may use their own artwork.
Please use high-quality images that are properly cropped; let's keep things looking nice, clean and sharp!

  • Avatar dimensions are 250 x 450
  • Icon dimensions are 120 x 120
  • Application Icon dimensions are 100 x 100

Fan Art used must be sourced and/or credited - there are sections provided in the application template and the mini profile; we will not accept a character until these fields have been filled! If you can't provide credit/a source, don't use it.

Do not hotlink images!
Please crop images appropriately and use free image hosts such as Photobucket or UltraImg; please avoid using TinyPic.

Roleplay Etiquette, Mature Content & Sensitive Subjects

Avoid roleplay misconduct - do not hijack threads, god-mod, power-play or kill of characters without consent.

Though we are Jcink premium, we encourage a site wide rating of PG-13.
Mature content must be marked appropriately in the topic title, topic subject or make use of our topic stickers. Members under 18 years old are not permitted to take part in mature threads.
We do not allow explicit content involving paedophilia (characters below 18 years old), necrophilia or bestiality.
Subtle mention and innuendo may be used for plot purposes.

Respect your RP partner's boundaries - trigger warnings are optional outside of mature topics at the discretion of our members, but we expect everyone to use their common sense, courtesy and communicate where sensitive subjects may be involved.


Real life always takes priority - if you're away for longer than a week, let us know in the absence board. If we haven't heard anything from you in over a month, we'll assume you're not coming back.
In that scenario, threads will be archived, claims will be re-opened and character accounts deleted, though if you want to return just let a member of staff know and we'll be happy to take your threads and applications out from the archives.
Unfortunately we can't promise the availability of your previous claims.


There are no other character caps and members are welcome to make as many other characters as they feel comfortable playing.

Each character is allowed one weapon/item (unless they are a canon character that holds a particular artefact); these will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

We are a site based on storytelling and character development - we do not focus on the most powerful and such mindsets are not welcome on our site.


Do not steal characters, applications, images or ideas and claim them as your own.


Advertising is to be kept to the designated forums!
Do not advertise anywhere outside of the advertising forums - this includes in your signature, the chat box, via private message or discussion regarding other roleplay site, regardless whether it’s positive or negative, and do not link to them, with the exception of resource sites.

Cbox Etiquette

  • To register to the Cbox find the circle on the right hand side of the user menu on the interface and click it.
  • Be polite and courteous! We're a friendly, welcoming site so treat others respectfully.
  • Use the OOC name you signed up for on the site in the Cbox to avoid confusion.
  • Topics must be kept PG-13; everyone can view the Cbox, including passing guests.
    We will delete messages and shut down conversations if they begin to make others feel uncomfortable or get out of hand.
    The Cbox is not the place to discuss sensitive subjects. Mentioning or implying topics such as rape or paedophilia will result in an immediate ban - it's inappropriate and members should know better.
  • Do not pester members, including staff, regarding threads, posts and applications - it will not make us review applications or reply to threads faster.
  • Do not make jabs at member character counts, regardless if it’s in innocent jest.
  • The Cbox is not the place to voice concerns; use our help desk or PM a member of staff!
  • The Cbox is a privilege, not a right and we won't hesitate to remove said privileges if we feel they're being abused.

Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the staff.

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