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Veteran RPer and resident lurk. My RP origins date back to the days when the internet went scrreeeeeerrreeeeerrrrr and tied up the phone lines for hours on end. Past titles include The Mistress of Dark Elves and The RP Machine, though it's been some time since I lived up to either one of those. I've been a fan of the Zelda series since forever, and am slowly converting the kid as well.

RP Preferences:

Open to just about anything and everything. If you're not sure, just ask.

My posts tend to be longer, averaging about 550 words or so currently, though I've been known to break the 1000 mark, with my highest count being over 3200 words.

Currently averaging about 1-2 posts a day during my work week, but am hoping to improve on that.

Fri-Sun are generally the best days to get a hold of me for more in-depth plot stuff; and the best place is probably on Skype as opposed to through PMs or plotter posts since I'm horrible when it comes to using them.

RP Limits:

Almost none. I mean, there are certainly things I'd rather allude to than write out in detail, and I'm not particularly fond of crude language or swearing (literally... A lot of you might notice I use words I've picked up words like 'Crows' and 'Shells' from books and other settings to use in place swears), but I'm generally open to most things so long as common sense and courtesy remain a thing.



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