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Summer 2017 Activity Check! by Spectre on Jun 19 2017, 08:05 PM
Any updates, news and activity checks regarding the site will be posted here by the staff.
Help Desk
Essential Information
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04. Canon Characters by Clow on Today at 05:09 am
All of the must reads are contained within so be sure to read through all the information here before asking questions; it'll make your experience here run much more smoothly.

If you find any issues, have any questions or would like to suggest something, please use our guest friendly Help Desk.
Character Application
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04. Completed Application N... by Laurel O'Halloran on Yesterday at 04:44 am
You can post your applications for review here!
Make sure to tag your character profiles WIP with a topic sticker if you're still working on them!
If you're applying for a canon/work role, please write the position to the topic description!
Members will have one week to finish WIP applications before they're archived - if you need more time, please PM a member of staff.

Once finished, removed the tag/sticker and post a notification to this thread!
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Plotting & Planning
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Zero's Wanted Ads by Hero's Spirit on Jun 20 2017, 03:33 PM
Once your character has been accepted, you'll want to post up a plotter/shipper, or maybe peruse what other members are looking for in plot lines.
Thread trackers and wanted ads and group plotting can also be found here!
Thread Trackers Group Plotting Wanted Ads

Faron Province
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Uncertain Steps by Long on Jun 12 2017, 09:26 PM
Home to the country's largest amount of expansive forest lands, the Faron Province serves as a source of lumber for most of the country when needed and as allowed by the Kokiri people.
Kokiri Forest The Lost Woods
Lanayru Province
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No Easy Task by Saelihn Vandiir on Yesterday at 06:28 am
The central area of the country, Lanayru Province holds two large and important settlements within its borders. The first is Castle Town whereby Hyrule Castle and the Royal Family make their home. The second is Zora's Domain which is the capital of the Zora nation. Lanayru Province is also home to the large field of plains that encircle Castle Town, unofficially known as Hyrule Field.
Lon Lon Ranch Castle Town Zora's Domain Lake Hylia
Eldin Province
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An Ill-Hatched Scheme by Byron Eldursteinn on May 10 2017, 03:45 PM
A highly mountainous region guarded by a curious race of creatures known as the Gorons, which seem to be living, sentient rock. The Goron tribe lives together harmoniously with the large band of humans and Hylians who inhabit Kakariko Village which resides in the shade of their mountain.
Kakariko Village Death Mountain Goron City
Ordona Province
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Darkness Met Resistance by Ingvar Nors on May 18 2017, 11:10 PM
Nestled in the southern most forests of Hyrule, the Ordona Province is home to gently rolling plains, tiny bodies of water, and imposing walls of trees guarding against intruders. Home to an eclectic mix of humans and Hylians, this province rarely receives visitors from the other Provinces but is famous for its open hospitality.
Ordon Village
Desert Province
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Running the Show by Dakarra Flint on Jun 14 2017, 05:11 AM
A vast wasteland of sand, this arid plain has only one source of water which is on its easternmost border. In the past, access to this important body of water has served as a point of some contention between the Gerudo people and the Hylian people.
Gerudo Valley

The Great Sea
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---- by on --
A vast, dangerous ocean where pirates and monsters roam, the Great Sea has many islands scattered along its waters; some populated by various races, some infested with monsters and others undiscovered altogether.
Dragon Roost Island Koholint Island Forest Haven
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Into the past- Puphood inci... by Asmund on Apr 18 2017, 10:05 PM
A country that seems to mirror Hyrule with diverse regions including the snowey mountain peaks of Snowhead in the north, the forested Southern Swamp in the south, the Great Bay of the west and the haunted Ikana Canyon of the east, with Clock Town sitting in the very center of Termina.
The Carnival of Time attracts tourists from across the world each year.
Clock Town Southern Swamp Snowhead Great Bay Ikana Canyon
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A diverse, mountainous country by the ocean, Holodrum plays home to a small group of races including humans, gorons and deku shrubs.
The land is tied to the seasons; it is the birth place of the Oracle of Seasons and accessibility to certain parts of the land depend on the current cycle.
Beneath the country lies the subterranean world Subrosia where Subrosians live.
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---- by on --
Situated near Holodrum and Hyrule, Labrynna is the birth place of the Oracle of Ages and well known for it's long, rich history.
Once ruled over by monarchy, Labrynna shifted to a democracy and is currently overseen by the Mayor of Lynna City.

Twilight Realm
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twilight zone by Tsvetan Chilikov on May 18 2017, 03:54 PM
Until recently, the gateway to this realm had been kept bound to the powerful Mirror of Twilight until it was shattered by the Twilight Princess Midna, who inadvertently opened the way for future generations to create a bridge between the two worlds. Passage is now open in both ways for people to move freely between the two worlds.

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